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Fiamberti Wines Lombardia

Winery Farm Quality Wines Pinot Nero Moscato Barbera Croatina Uva Rara Ughetta di Canneto Barbera Bonarda Canneto Pavese Pavia Lombardy Italy


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The art of wine making has always been the main occupation of the Fiambertis, who live on the gorgeous hills of the Oltrepò area in Northern Italy. This is mentioned in a lot of documents that trace back up to two centuries ago. Over the decades anyway we have brought along a modern and efficient complex, so that now we have mixed our oldest traditions with a modern structure. Therefore today we represent a great example as far as farming and enology are concerned.

Producing a tasty wine is the result of a great effort. The first step towards such an achievement, of course, is taking care of the vineyards. Our terrains stretch for over 15 hectares, on a very harsh and steep area, and all carry the "D.O.C". mark of origin denomination. The great efforts we put in farming this rough land is paid back when it comes to taste the quality of the grapes that are produced in such a harsh environment.

Every single vine is associated with the most suitable grapes, with special implants, and is given the opportunity to face the sun light all day long. Another important step is the Harvesting, still made by hand, when it is up to the professionals to choose the good grapes and let the bad ones stay.

The hills around Canneto Pavese have always been considered exceptional for the production of Red Wines, such as "Buttafuoco, Bonarda, Barbera and Sangue di Giuda" but lately we have proven that the Pinot and Riesling vineyards also produce great wines in the area: the lovely "Spumante" is the best confirmation.

Inside our state-of-the art cellars, located right in the town centre of Canneto, next to the 17th century church, is where the wine comes to life and where soon after it is bottled. Here is where the quality of the wines produced has to meet the demand of our competent customers, to whom our great products are dedicated with gratefulness.

With the trade mark "Fiamberti Giuseppe e figlio SaS di Fiamberti Ambrogio e C." we identify the firm that trades the wines produced with the grapes of the Fiambertis, together with those coming from other local wine makers who have been working over the years with the help of the Fiambertis.

The history of our family owned enterprise traces back to the settlement of our ancestors in this lovely part of Italy. In fact right from the beginning those families dedicated their lives to the production of wines and to the farming of our delicious and gracious steep hills. And all this commitment was never abandoned ever since.

In particular we have proofs that already in the 14th century our ancestors were dwellers of this area. In fact the name Fiamberti appears on a letter sent by the Pope "Benedetto XII" to the bishops of this region on July 1st 1341, where "Giulius and Rolandus de Fiambertis" are stated.

The Fiambertis anyway are natives of Canneto Pavese, where their presence finds correspondence in the religious archives of the 16th century, where several families are written down with such a last name.

All vineyards belonging to the Fiambertis are located one the first stretch of the Italian hills facing the "Pianura Padana", Italy's most spread out prairie

All plantations are based on the "guyot" method and the harvesting is meant to be poor, which means that only 2-3 grapes per branch are let grow ,so that they can contain all the nutritive substances, making them better as far as quality is concerned. The vineyards are all on the steeper side of the hills, in order to be exposed for most of the day to the sun and are intended to produce all the most typical grapes of the Oltrepò area: "Croatina, Barbera, Uva Rara, Riesling, Moscato, Pinot and as of now also the Chardonnay".

Every single vineyard though is unique, in terms of geological and climate conditions, so that for each and every one of them one single kind of grapes, included in the group mentioned above, can exploit those conditions at their best.

This comes from the experience of the Fiambertis, professionals over the decades of the art of producing wines. Every type of grapes, in fact, is planted in the area where it fits better, making it possible for its taste to be as good as possible. The secret of matching the right "terroire" with the most suitable grapes is what has made the Fiambertis good at the job over the generations.

The Solenga Vineyards, belonging to the Fiambertis since the 18th century, as lots of documents testify, has been growing ever since and it is today the place where lie the vines that give birth to the "Buttafuoco Storico" and to the sparkling "Buttafuoco Vigna Podere Solenga"

Another historical vineyard called "Bricco della Sacca" is dedicated to the production of another typical wine of the Oltrepò: the "Bonarda".

The "Costa Paradiso" group of vines is where the climate differences over the seasons generate the delicate "Sangue di Giuda".


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