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  • Cantine Vistarino Wines Lombardy

    Owner of an extensive estate in Rocca de'Giorgi for many centuries, our family has long played an active role in enhancing the quality of the wines of the Valle Scuropasso, by using the best of state-of-the-art technology. In so doing, we have help enhance...

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Cantine Vistarino Wines Lombardy

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Pavia Fraz. Scorzoletta 82/84 +39 0385 85117 +39 0385 85530


Owner of an extensive estate in Rocca de'Giorgi for many centuries, our family has long played an active role in enhancing the quality of the wines of the Valle Scuropasso, by using the best of state-of-the-art technology. In so doing, we have help enhance the reputation of the wines of the Oltrepo Pavese, the area to the south of Pavia.

Carlo Giorgi di Vistarino introduced the pinot nero grape to the Oltrepo Pavese between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, going on to win awards in both London and Paris for the sparkling wines thus produced. His work was taken further by Ottaviano and Carlo, and is today in the hands of Ottavia Giorgi di Vistarino. The objective remains the same: to create elegant, authentic wines that express their terroir.

Covering 826 hectares, mostly in the district of Rocca de'Giorgi, the Giorgi di Vistarino estate has remained faithful to the farming traditions and to the style of the great estates of the nineteenth century.

While the 180 hectares of vines -- all listed in the official Albo della DOC Oltrepo Pavese -- constitute the heart of our family's work, we also have 200 hectares of woodland, 120 hectares of arable land, and 100 hectares destinated to become forestland. Our family's dedication to the land and its values has led to the estate's conserving both its landscape and animal life, this just seventy kilometers ' 40 miles -- from Milan.

Introduced to the Oltrepò Pavese at the end of the 19th century, the pinot nero grape has become synonymous with this area. Not only because of the 2,000 hectares here reserved for the burgundian variety, the largest in Italy, but also because the outcomes are consistently outstanding. More, within this area of excellence, Rocca de'Giorgi's pinot nero wines, along with those of the Valle Scuropasso are considered among the best.

Whether used to produce still reds, or sparkling whites, spumante, the pinot nero grape has always been given special attention at Rocca de'Giorgi in particular. Indeed, such is the expertise developed over the years, that this most distinguished of international grapes is considered to be a local variety.

The Vistarino estate extends over 826 hectares (as at October 2007), and encompasses 80% of the area of the comune of Rocca de'Giorgi. Some 640 hectares are comprised of woods, meadows, arable land, as well as a trees for timber production, interspersed with vines (188 hectares).

Not only is the appearance harmonious and pleasing to the eye, but the grapes are growing in their optimal location. For, thanks to the estate's size and diversity of terrain, it has proved possible to find the best possible location for each of the various types, the lime-based, clay soil with strong shifts between daytime and night-time temperatures being perfect for white wine.

In addition to the 120 hectares of pinot nero, used for producing spumante using the metodo classico, the estate also includes riesling, pinot grigio, chardonnay, moscato, croatina, barbera, and cabernet.

Decades of experience in the field have enabled the family to identify and implement the best possible wine-growing techniques. Our vines are guyot-trained, since this approach has been found to provide the perfect balance between quality, quantity, and longevity of the stock. We plant 5,000 vines per hectare; we work just on the rows themselves, leaving the area in between to fill with green cover.

The harvest is undertaken with great care. Selections are made, 250 kg crates, either by hand or by mechanically means. The harvest starts with the Pinot Nero and Chardonnay which will be used for making méthode champenoise sparkling wine (spumante). Next up is the Pinot grigio, followed by the Pinot nero intended for red wine. The others follow.

Acquired in the early-20th century by Carlo Giorgi di Vistarino who was looking to supplement the old company's winery at nearby Broni, the Pietra de'Giorgi complex is now the company's principal wine-making facility.

Fitted with state-of-the-art technology, it constitutes a model of innovative winemaking for the entire Oltrepo Pavese winemaking area. Pietra de'Giorgi is also the company's sales and administrative headquarters.


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