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Hotel Terme Venezia Veneto

Quality 4 Stars Hotel Accommodation Wellness family Resort Abano Terme Padua Venice Veneto Italy


Abano Terme Via V. Flacco, 42 +39 049 8669800 +39 049 8669706


Built in the Forties and acquired by the Barillari-Poletto family in 1964, the hotel was immediately enlarged and various services were improved, making it one of the landmark hotels of Abano. In the past 10 years the Barillari-Poletto family, traditionally known for their friendliness and hospitality, has proved its willingness to continuously improve.

This house is a hotel, and yet so different, not for its rooms or the lobby, which are of undisputed prestige, but rather for its atmosphere.

Architecture and areas in a typical Venetian style are the characteristics of this House which, surrounded by a private 15,000 m2 wide park, makes for the ideal stay: relaxation and wellbeing, health and remise en forme with the purpose of recovering physical strength, energy and optimism.

Recover the taste for life, discover the smile in your heart thanks to the motivated and professional staff of more than 50 people.

110 rooms with every comfort, built and furnished with respect for privacy and sleep quality: comfortable rooms with a terrace, most of them decorated in a classic style.

11 romantic junior suites and 36 modern double rooms decorated mainly in a vital and energizing green.

Live well, treat yourself well, rest and eat well. The flavour of a holiday, people to meet and many surprises to come.

The restaurant offers cuisine of quality and a large selection: a cuisine with attention paid to every detail, bringing out the flavours of the Italian tradition, which offers a rich and mouth-watering buffet, with an eye for the best international recipes.


Well-being from water therapy is a custom rather than a commercial proposition or an item in a tourist package. In the collective imagination, it represents the undisputed goal as a yearned vacation. Water well-being treatments are becoming an important aspect of daily life, integrating or replacing in many cases the gym or beauty centre.

It represents the possibility of dedicating more time to one's self, for "mise et remise en forme" of body and mind.

Two hot spring pools (25m x 12m): an indoor pool connected by a waterway with the outdoor pool in the great park. Both are open from 8 am to 7 pm, and have a temperature of 33° C (91° F).

Available in the pool:

aquagym to recover tonicity and body shaping
aquahealing to gain awareness and serenity to the psyche
hydrokinesitherapy for a natural a very effective rehabilitation.


Feeling, trying, touching, discovering new rejuvenating experiences, to find harmony within that precedes well-being. Being healed by the water and thermal mud, finding new vitality in the soothing heat of the hot springs. Health: a precious commodity that has neither age nor season.

The Thermae
The Terme Euganee is the biggest spa (salus per aquam) in Europe specializing in fangotherapy (therapeutic mud baths). The Euganeo thermal mud is a masterly mixture of natural clay, mineral water and micro organisms that "mature" in special basins for three months, during which the thermal mud is maintained in contact with constantly-running thermal water.
This process is done so that the mud acquires all the therapeutic properties that make it unique.
The richness of the dissolved substances makes the water from Abano and Montegrotto a one-of-a-kind thermal resource, classified in chemical terms as hyperthermal bromidic iodic salt.

Mudtherapy is composed of four fundamental steps: the application of the thermal mud, the bath in thermal water, the sweating process and the toning massage. The mud is applied directly on the skin at a temperature between 37°C (98.6°F) and 38°C (100.4°F) for a period that varies between 15 to 20 minutes.
At the end of the application, the patient takes a hot shower and later a thermal bath at a temperature of 37-38°C (98.6-100.4°F) for about 8 minutes.

After drying off with a hot towel, the patent may return to his/her own room, where he/she is requested to stay in bed and well covered up for 30-40 minutes, allowing the sweat reaction to continue the biological effects of the mud treatment.
The bounty of our hot springs depends on the richness of Abano's waters: bromidic iodic salts, are found underground and are of geothermal origin. From the Pre-Alps, at around 1,000-1,500 meters, rainwater penetrates the ground at a depth of around 2,500-3,000 meters, being enriched along its course with mineral salts and becoming progressively hotter.

The water takes more than 25 years to travel the distance of 70-100 km that separates the Foothills of the Alps from the Euganeo area, but returns to the surface rapidly, maintaining its more or less unaltered high temperature (75-87°C / 167-189°F) and its healing content.
The water's chemical composition and temperature play an important role in its therapeutic action in the mud and in the development of special vegetal (algae) and animal (micro organisms) microflora that is formed during the maturation process of the mud, which, unique for its characteristics, becomes the most important healing element of the Euganeo Thermal Basin. The water and the mud have an important therapeutic effect for the body: pain-relieving and analgesic, resolvent-antinflammatory, relaxing and revitalizing, detoxifying and remineralizing. A vacation to the sources of well-being has one important goal: feeling good!

Mineral springs hydrotherapy consists of immersing the body in a pool containing hot spring water enriched with ozone. The water is an extraordinary element because it facilitates all articulation activities of the body: movements are more agile, muscles relax, and pain diminishes. Furthermore, the bubbling that occurs from the ozone assures intense vessel dilatation, by stimulating the blood circulation.
This mineral bath hydrotherapy takes place in individual pools with or without hydromassage and with bromidic iodic salt spring water at 36-38°C (97-100°F).

Orl Otorhinolaryngology
All the hotels in the thermal area have a section for inhalation mineral springs hydrotherapy.
Special instruments break up the hot mineral thermal water particles called mother lye, nebulize them and transform them into an effective treatment for upper and lower respiratory tract disorders for the prevention and the cure of chronic conditions. The number of respiratory disorders is constantly increasing due to ever-worsening environmental problems such as smog, pollution and active and passive smoking.
Inhalation thermal therapies have been used traditionally and are scientifically recognized in the treatment of respiratory tract disorders and in the prevention of infective relapses.

The grotto
Every day from 8 am to 6 pm the "calidarium" grotto is available to our guests at no cost.
Built following the antique rules of the Roman thermae, the grotto has an average temperature of 55°C (131°F) and humidity around 85-90%. The thermal water flowing at the well entrance at 80° flows through underground tunnels spreading its beneficial heat and its healing vapour in the grotto through the holes in the walls.
The structure was built mixing clay soil with plaster which is then attached to sheets of natural jute.
You can experience the antique thermae in a space of about 22 m2, in the recommended time of no more than 15 minutes. The antique thermae didn't have only a health related goal but it was also concerned with wellbeing and socialization.
The calidarium grotto activates the blood circulation and detoxifies the body, it is specially recommended against stress and excess weight. It is the perfect place to let yourself go to OTIUM (idleness), an art the old wise men learned to use in the past; an art we have forgotten in the modern times: we cannot practice it anymore, to the detriment of our health and inner balance.


Improperly defined "alternative medicine", the T.C.M. has a complete scientific body and is applicable to any medical area; the balance of the parts is its fundamental concept.
The T.C.M. has various and functional diagnostic instruments, deep theoretical knowledge, and original effective therapeutic tools. The T.C.M. is based on a theoretical apparatus founded on philosophical and scientific concepts which rule the whole universe.
Among these, the relation between the opposites "Yin and Yang" and the laws regulating the relation among the "five elements" in nature (water, wood, metal, earth, and fire) are the most important.
The T.C.M. doesn't only operate with the purpose of killing the symptoms, but especially on the prevention as well. Manual techniques of massage, digital pressure, moxibustion, and others are performed.

- TUI NA (tui: push / press, na: grab/ rub;).
Nowadays the Tui Na massage combines the antique Chinese medical tradition and modern physiotherapy science.
Two particularities, created by the Chinese wisdom:
- ZHOU SHI TUI NA massage in a sitting position, with antalgic effects
- UO SHI TUI NA massage in a lying position, with an extraordinary myorelaxing effect

Two techniques to be compared, two expert therapists and two schools with one purpose: to kill pain.


The success of his therapy is due to Shi's personal, I would say instinctive, skills, and without a doubt to the secular Chinese massotherapy tradition.
The effectiveness of his treatments finds in the value of the thermal cure its therapeutic ideal completion.


Periodically retreating to a SPA is good for our psychophysical balance. Health has neither age nor season, and doesn not go out of style. Expert hands of therapists who are rich and motivated from both a human and a professional point of view.

The purpose: the recovery of physical and emotional health. The goals: health and wellbeing, prevention and rehabilitation, beauty and remise en forme, balance and harmony. The Central Characters: the antique thermal mud and water ritual, the traditional Chinese treatments, physiotherapy, massages and circulation therapies.


In our frantic life, with daily busy routines, filled with duties and responsibilities, time seems the most precious of goods, the resource of which we always have a shortage. Therefore we should spend our time wisely, and invest it in the best... at the Hotel Venezia.

HEALING NATURE: Marina Mancin Medical Naturopath in charge of the SPA

Enjoy the pleasure of giving voice to your needs, expectations, and necessities. Learn to listen to others and to yourself. Let yourself go to a massage to learn to relax your body and mind, to listen to your body and soul's requests and feel good about yourself and with the others. Feel good as a result of wellbeing treatments which combine East and West, antique techniques and traditions and modern professionalism and schoolings. Fell good to feel beautiful. Perceive yourself with pleasure, live your physicality well,, feel good with yourself to feel good with others, this is the purpose of the aesthetical programmes offered at the Hotel Venezia.


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