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Gini Soave Wines

Winery Farm Soave Pinot Nero Chardonnay Recioto Sauvignon Monteforte d’Alpone Verona Veneto Italy


Monteforte d’Alpone Via Matteotti, 42 +39 045 7611908 +39 045 6101610


The "Gini" farm and vineyards are located at Monteforte d'Alpone, in the area where Soave Classico is produced. It has always been an important point of reference for the high quality of their wines. The brothers, Sandro and Claudio personally run the over 30 hectares of vines, cultivated on the best hillside positions for this purpose. The strong point of this vineyard is the way they have combined love of tradition with the most modern techniques and refining which is so important in wine production today. The precious wines of these vineyards are kept in the new cellar, hewn out of the tuff stone rock. Their motto: "quality above all else" imperative which rhymes with reliability and simplicity and passion for their work.

The historic presence of the Gini family, vine growers in the area of Monteforte d'Alpone, dates back to round1600, according to documents and other evidence. At this time Camillo Gini, progenitor of a family which today still has the name Camillo as a "nick name". A deed of sale dated 1852 during the Lombard-Veneto Reign testifies that Giuseppe Gini acquired a vineyard in the area of Contrada Salvarenza, where the family had owned land since the 18th century. Generations of wine growers, men who with their hard, back breaking work cultivated our land with great attention and who handed down an enormous amount of experience to the present generation. Olinto who was born in 1929 and is a master wine maker has passed on his passion to his sons Sandro and Claudio and together they have made these vineyards into one of the most beautiful and famous in Veneto.

The Gini family own approx. 25 hectares of vines, grown on the best hillsides, well exposed to the sun. These vines are an very important patrimony and are cultivated with great care, in a natural way which gives quite a low grape yield. This allows the vines to last longer, even up to 80 years and produce grapes of a very high quality which in turn give the wine a unique flavour. The soils are very variable, some being volcanic with tuff stone of various origin and composition, sometimes there are even limestone veins in the volcanic tuff stone or they are exclusively limestone. This diversity in the soils explains the complexity of certain wines and the nuances between various cru.

The vinification of the grapes is the most important phase, where the greatest care an attention must be paid as it is decisive for the quality of the future wines. This process carried out so as to exalt the characteristics of the diverse vines, using natural methods, without the use of chemical additives, such as sulphur oxide. In fact, in 1985 the Gini vineyards where the first to unify the whole of the production process without using these additives and as a result obtained more fine and elegant wines. All the grapes are harvested at the right moment of maturity which means passing through the vines several times. Here the grapes are picked by hand and the bunches are selected. Experience is decisive as each grape harvest must be interpreted in an individual way.

The new wine cellar has been created in different stages, started in 1980 and is in the historic town centre of Monteforte. It has been hewn out of the volcanic rock, under the surface and has been built with local material, using limestone from the vineyards thus allowing the best method of refining the wines due to the cool temperature and natural humidity control induced by the back tuff stone walls. The part above ground has partly been recuperated from very old buildings and is divided into several parts, one for wine tasting and shop, a bottling room, a fermentation room as well as areas for drying grapes.


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