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  • Bosco Abruzzo Wines

    At the end of the XIX century, when the young Giovanni Bosco began to cultivate vines, the city of Castellamare Adriatica (that became Pescara in 1926) had no more than 15.000 inhabitants and extended on a narrow land. All around was the countryside and...

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Bosco Abruzzo Wines

Winery Farm Quality Wine Trebbiano Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Nocciano Pescara Abruzzo Italy


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At the end of the XIX century, when the young Giovanni Bosco began to cultivate vines, the city of Castellamare Adriatica (that became Pescara in 1926) had no more than 15.000 inhabitants and extended on a narrow land. All around was the countryside and the "Lovers Hills" of Pescara were a fertile ground for vines: on those hills grew the first vines that thereafter characterized the Bosco's Family history. Strong and tenacious as the vine, Giovanni finally obtained a wonderful red wine with an intensive bouquet and a spicy taste, that, once named Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, became famous all over the world in the following century. It was 1897 and Bosco Winery was born.

The story went on through Nestore Bosco and his son Giovanni: the same names and the same passion for vines and wines. Since 1967, when Montepulciano d'Abruzzo was classified as a D.O.C. (controlled origin denomination), Bosco's wines became well-know all over the world thanks to the original label drawn by Nestore: this label, even if renewed more than once, still identifies the quality of Bosco's Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, that awarded several times in the last decades.

The belief in high quality products allowed the winery to became bigger: unfortunately the hills of Pescara weren't able any more to house new vineyards because the city was expanding. Bosco Family had only one choice: moving towards the inland, choosing the most fertile soils, making new vineyards to produce only high quality grapes, building a winery that would be able improve the potentiality of the native vines of the Abruzzi.

It was the beginning of the '80s and Giovanni, helped by his son Nestore and his daughter Stefania, realized in the countryside of Nocciano, a town in the province of Pescara, the spectacular winery, a jewel among of the subterranean architecture: here the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, the pride of Bosco Family, rests and matures into big barrels from Slavonia, new barriques and in bottles, perfectly aligned along the special tunnels for aging.

A tradition, those of Bosco Family, intended to go on with the new generation that wears the same names and shows the same fervent enthusiasm.

In a world where nowadays it's difficult to show your own identity, we want to bond our roots to that familiar tradition in which we grew up and that no one and nothing could ever make us disown.

We want to give you all the colours, perfumes and flavours from the Abruzzi Region, collecting them into our wines to let you dive your senses into a centuries long tradition.

Wherever you are.

Every vine is like a child to protect, bring up and love. This is the motto that guide us during the cultivation of our vineyards and olive groves: patience and steadfastness are the virtues of our workers.

Our vineyards, growing southwards and eastwards, measure almost 60 hectares and are located in the territory of Nocciano, Catignano and Civitaquana.

They draw all the necessary nourishments from a pebbly soil helped by an organic agriculture. In this way we obtain high-quality grapes fated to create our masterpieces.

Only the best selected grapes are chosen to give birth to our wines: soft press, fermentation and maceration of the skins at cold controlled temperature, racking by falls and many other technical tricks make our products special products, but is the passion we put in our work that gives every wine its exceptional character.

Every wine has its own destiny: there is the wine that suits our meals, the one for special occasion, the wine that gives us happiness and the one that makes us sad.

Everything has its moment, its time for everything.

The same happens for wine that accompanies and exalts what we eat.

What matters is choosing with care, knowing the amount of work and sacrifice behind every drop of wine: softly touching the wood of a big barrel or a small barrique, relying on the safety of the bottling systems, thinking that only through the wise work of skilful hands we bring to life a high quality product.

As seasons pass by, our wines refine through a slow ecstatic rest.

More than 200.000 bottles lie down at controlled temperature and humidity in special made cells aligned into an subterranean cloister where only silence and darkness endure. Every single bottle is checked to guarantee fine wines to your taste.


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