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  • Bortolusso Wines Friuli-Venezia Giulia

    Azienda Agricola Bortolusso set up by the father, Cav. Emiro, is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia - Carlino (Ud- Italy), (in the "Friuli-Annia" DOC area of recent formation but with a vocation and appreciation for vine-growing and wine-producing that...

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Bortolusso Wines Friuli-Venezia Giulia

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Carlino via Oltregorgo 10 - 33050 +39 0431 67596 +39 0431 640935


Azienda Agricola Bortolusso set up by the father, Cav. Emiro, is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia - Carlino (Ud- Italy), (in the "Friuli-Annia" DOC area of recent formation but with a vocation and appreciation for vine-growing and wine-producing that dates back to the Roman period. Evidence of such is given by the historians of the era and by the discovery of wine amphoras in many archeological sites. The name "Annia" originates from the ancient road Annia, built by the Roman Praetor Tito Annio Ruto in 131 b.c. in order to connect the town of Aquileia to the one of Concordia Sagitaria and to reach the Emilia Road), a small village in the Friuli region plain, close to Marano Lagunare Lagoon, which thanks to its climate makes its product unique. The environment in which its cellars are is naturalistically very suggestive because it confines with the fauna oasis of Marano Lagunare, whose importance is worldwide relevant for its aquatic-fowl species.

His sons Sergio and Clara, as family business, run at present 40 he. of vineyards and do not neglect their father's tradition, which provided them with a great stock of experience, while at the same time using modern technology and thus granting a steady quality improvement. The main goal of the farm is that of producing quality wine, making wine out of their grapes only.

Many years ago the farm started considering its vineyards and their care more and more. Azienda Agricola Bortolusso aimed at obtaining grapes always suitable for providing typical but also original end-products by performing some essential operations such as organic manuring, minimal anti- parasite treatments and in any case aiming at preventing possible problems through a steady monitoring of the vineyards. After thinning out as needed, grape-gathering is carried out only by hand, by selecting only the best grapes and by choosing only expert skilled workers. The cellars for receiving the grapes are provided with the most modern transformation techniques such as highly automatic transformation machines, thermo-adjusted stainless steel tanks, adequate capacity and an environment which is reassuring and always under control from the hygienic point of view.

There is also an aging area obtained from a special building located below sea level and where tradition is still strong if we consider that wine is left in French oak barriques at constant temperature and humidity throughout the whole year, thus creating a particular and suggestive environment. Great attention is also paid to bottling, which always takes place 30-60 days before the bottles get on the market. The Bortolusso brothers run trading personally and heavily rely on the direct relationship with their customers. For this reason they organise guided wine-tasting encounters and by offering, whenever needed, the products typical of the lagoon together with their wines, which results in a perfect combination, they make their wines peculiar qualities stand out.

All this is carried out taking into account tradition and conviviality as well as the wine market great evolution, which is more and more worldwide and more and more attentive to the outstanding products of Italian wine industry - in particular the one of the Friuli region.


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