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  • Pojer & Sandri Wines Trentino

    Pojer & Sandri is an artisan domaine which was founded in 1975 when young Fiorentino Sandri inherited a small vineyard in the rugged alpine hills above Trento. Here is the village of Faedo, Sandri formed a partnership with winemaker Mario Pojer (who had...

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Pojer & Sandri Wines Trentino

Winery Farm Quality Wines Muller Thurgau Chardonnay Noisola Traminer Sauvignon Pinot Nero Besler Faedo Trento Trentino Alto Adige Italy


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Pojer & Sandri is an artisan domaine which was founded in 1975 when young Fiorentino Sandri inherited a small vineyard in the rugged alpine hills above Trento. Here is the village of Faedo, Sandri formed a partnership with winemaker Mario Pojer (who had just finished his studies in enology at the famous nearby wineschool, the San Michele Agricultural Institute).

This partnership continues to bear fruit (literally and figuratively !).

Their goal was simple and to some of the locals, foolhardy: They were going to cultivate vineyards in the hills of Faedo, between the Adige river and the Cembra Valley.

The first wine to be offered for sale met with tremendous acclaim, a 1975 vintage Müller-Thurgau of exceptional fragrance and finesse. The nay-sayers were even more surprised upon the release of Pojer & Sandri's first Chardonnay, along with a wine made from an indigenous variety called Nosiola.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, Pojer & Sandri continued to innovate and experiment. The variety of offerings made by Pojer & Sandri continues to grow. Bottled-fermented, hand-crafted Spumante has been produced for many years.

A late-harvested dessert wine called Essenzia (the blend or mix varies from vintage to vintage) is made when Mother Nature allows. Not forgetting the world of red wines, we make French oak-aged Pinot Nero (Noir) and a Bordeaux-styled blend called Rosso Faye. These are much sought-after by connoisseurs around the world.

Aside from their winemaking endeavors, Pojer & Sandri have had a passion for Italy's famous spirit, grappa.

Since their early days as winemakers, they have also created a range of grappas, being the first in Italy to offer varietal bottlings of grappa.

In 1982 we acquired a new distillation device, called "Bagnomaria" of a type called "Zadra." This new equipment, while an advance in one regard, was a step backwards in another. Pojer & Sandri traded speed and efficiency for higher quality, as this "still" processes the grape pomace (called the "marc") more slowly. However, it yields a more elegant spirit.

We again upgraded our still in 1993. A special Alembic still is installed and it is the fruit of 18 years of experience, professionalism and persevering studies in the new distillation technologies made by the two owners. Our new still is capable of distilling marc for grappa, fruits and wine.

Following the traditions of great European artisan distillers, in 1985 Pojer & Sandri broadened the scope of the distillery. They began making fruit brandies. The P&S distillery soon began making brandies from cherries, apricots, quince, raspberries, blackberries, plums, sorb apples (these come from a Rowan tree), black currants, elderberries, gentian as well as their famous pear Williams.

After some travels in 1986 to the southwest of France spawned the idea for producing brandy in the fashion of those famous spirits from Armagnac and Cognac. To produce a brandy unique to Pojer & Sandri, they set about making a "base wine" for this special distillation. Pojer & Sandri decided to make a wine composed of Schiava from the hills of Faedo (home of Pojer and Sandri) along with Lagarino from the nearby Cembra valley.

The production of such a deluxe quality of brandy cannot be rushed. After watching the evolution of this spirit in oak, Pojer & Sandri decided it has reached its peak of perfect after a decade in wood. Bottled after ten years of wood-aging, the first "vintage" of "DIVINO," from the 1986 harvest, was offered to connoisseurs in 1997.

Pojer & Sandri continues to remain on the cutting edge of modernity, while still respecting tradition. While we upgrade to the latest technology, we have found one thing to be constant: high quality. This starts with the raw materials and we go to great lengths to harvest the best fruit for our various fruit brandies and grappas.

The philosophy is very clear: transforming and utilizing only regional products. With regardas to grappas, brandy and fruit brandies such as alders, sorb apples and quinces: these are cultivated under the direction of Pojer & Sandri. For others we have search out growers whose products offer the specialo intensity of aroma and flavor which will make the finest spirit.

We strive to make the best products unique to our soils and microclimates. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labors!


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