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  • Le Carline Venetian Wines

    Here your eyes caress the air, savour every season and feel the pleasure on this ever-giving country,watered by the Livenza and Tagliamento rivers. The history of wine-making in the DOC Lison - Pramaggiore area has roots that go back to the time of the...

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Le Carline Venetian Wines

Winery Farm Quality Wines Refosco Valdobbiadene Chardonnay Merlot Pinot Grigio Cabernet Sauvignon Verduzzo Pramaggiore Venezia Veneto Italy


Pramaggiore Via Carline, 24 +39 0421799741 +39 0421203525


Here your eyes caress the air, savour every season and feel the pleasure on this ever-giving country,watered by the Livenza and Tagliamento rivers. The history of wine-making in the DOC Lison - Pramaggiore area has roots that go back to the time of the Roman Empire and later of the brimming goblets of the Venetian Republic and her aristocratic banquets.

Daniele Piccinin, with the help of his wife Diana and the children, has found out how to infuse old-fashioned knowledge and perseverance, strong and tenacious in his own convictions, and has made his Agricultural Business "Le Carline" into an admirable example of how to use organic agricultural methods.

In this wine business the strictest attention has been paid to correct agricultural methods, like organic composting to protect the ecosystem, "green" pruning which supplies maximum air to the bunches and natural cultivation methods which use no artificial anticryptogamic products and insectivdes.

A demanding choice, under the watchful eye of the ICEA (Environmental Ethics Certification Institute) which guarantees, controls and certifies their activities with a view to defending the environment and the consumer.

When they gave up bulk production to concentrate on obtaining wines of excellent quality and personality the Business was repaid by the continuous and growing demand from the public.

The Winery, recently expanded with the utmost care taken in the choice of architectural materials and elements to remain in harmony with the ladscape, is always ready to welcome all those who love good wine and never tire of being astonished by their sense of the authentic and of quality.

The Agricultural Company Le Carline, with its head office in Via Carline, 24 in the district of Pramaggiore, in the provincce of Venice, was founded in 1958 when father Aurelio bought the property which was to become the initial nucleus of the company with the country farm in Pramaggiore, subsequently extended in (1965) with the purchase of a neighbouring property, in the district of Annone Veneto.

Very soon the Le Carline Agricultural Company gave up its original mixed wine and stock basis to specialise in grape growing and wine making. In 1988 the management of the company passed to the son, Daniele Piccinin, who was in charge of the vines, adopting the guided fight techniques, setting up, in collaboration with the Agricultural Development Service of the Venice Province Administration, a meteorolical sampling station which he himself monitored. In 1989 the Company expanded with the building of the cellar which at the time also contained the store and the offices.

In 1993 the Le Carline Agricultural Company initiated a complete conversion to Organic Agriculture (Reg. EEC 2092/91, with A.I.A.B certification ) adopting organic agricultural practices based on techniques with reduced environmental impact andleading to improved production quality.

In 1994 the Le Carline Agricultural Company adapted its conversion and wine-making processes to be in line with the most recent and modern methodologies by acquiring a crusher-stemmer (for soft and delicate crushing and stemming, with maximum respect for the grape), an air press (for gently pressing the grapes while extracting the must at low pressure) and a tube-to-tube exchange refrigerator connected to the automatically heat-controlled stainless steel tanks (for macerating and fementation at controled temperatures). Already at this stage of development with the aim of the Le Carline Agricultural Company to produce high quality typical Venetian wines and to obtain DOC Lison Pramaggiore wines of high value they needed to pay constant attention to the improvement of all stages in production: from growing to wine making.

In 1995, the Le Carline Agricultural Company expanded with the acquisition of new properties in Annone Veneto (DOC Lison Pramaggiore area) where they planted new vines inl 1998.

The Le Carline Agricultural Company of Pramaggiore, always concerned to upgrade the various production stages has participated in the project, coordinated by the d DOC Lison-Pramaggiore Wines Consortium, which is studying the wine-makeing field. Care has also been paid to the productive capacity of the Le Carline Agricultural Company with the acquisition of temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks , to improve the quality of the fermentation process. Particular attention has also been paid to accessibility to the agricultural company, seen as its ability to welcome groups of wine tourists and/or customers and manoeuverability capacity as regards loading/unloading the wines of the Lison Pramaggiore area.

And the year 2006 was also a year of development with the opening of the barique cellar, the appassitoio (drier room) and new premises for receiving visitors.

The barique cellar is completely underground to permit the ageing and maturation of the typical Venetian wines from the Le Carline Agricultural Company at natural and constant temperarures in Barriques and casks and the subsequent finishing in the bottle. The appassitoio (drier room) has been designed for a natural drying of the grape under climatic conditions set to produce high quality straw wine which is excellent and reliable Visitor reception areas have also been extended for the frequent guide wine-and-food tastings offered by the Le Carline Agricultural Company which has always been keen to promote tasting meetings with a view to educating consumers by a qualified approach to the world of wine and to the characteristics of the typical Venetian products of the Le Carline Agriculatural Company and not alone.

So the structure of the Le Carline Agricultural Company colnsists of a fitted cellar, in which the main processes in tche transformation and creation of wine take place and an attached tasting area for typical wines and products of the Eastern Venetian area big enough to accomodate large groups in rooms furnished for meetings, conventions and educational seminars.

The Le CarlineAgricultural Company vinifies around 3000 kilos of grapes, all certified organic by ICEA ( to produce around 2000hl of wine (2006 figures), from which some 1400 hectolitres of wine are obtained The wine producedin the DOC Lison Pramaggiore area is marketed directly to shops and home delivered in several regions, particularly Veneto, Lombary, Piedmopnt, Emilia and Tuscany. Since 2000 an important marketing network has been growing with other countries, particularly in the European Union, Switzerland and North America (the USA and Canada).

An analysis of the recipients of the typical products of the Le Carline Agricultural Company shows that end consumers of the typical Venetian wines are 20% of consumers, foreign importers are 40%, while the remaining 40% of production is taken by centres specialising in the sale of organic produce.

The Le Carline Agricultural Company of Pramaggiore is always striving to grow in the internation market of wines from organic grapes which is continually changing by raising the value of the specific characteristics of Eastern Venice, an area rich in natural resources, both as regards food and wine, and history and culture, to stay competitive and for the purpose of research into the qualities of their products.

The Le Carline Agricultural Company promotes its products and monitors the highest, most developed production standards, regularly taking part in the biggest fairs in the field, such as Vinitaly ( e Sana Bologna ( in Italy, Biofach ( in Germany e MillesimBio ( in France.


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