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Mira - Venezia - Venice

Mira - Venezia - Venice


The town name derives from "mirare" (lookout) probably due to the presence of a watchtower built by the Romans; while another theory, however, attributes the name to Mira in Turkey, the birthplace of St. Nicholas, the town's patron Saint.
Municipality in the province of Venice, located on the border with the territories of its regional capital, Mira is a municipality scattered throughout its territories, rich of the presence of streams, in addition to the main Naviglio Canal, in which reflect the noble villas built by the Venetians during the period of domain of the Serenissima Republic. Today, it is a major industrial center, active mainly in chemical industries.
The area was certainly inhabited since prehistoric times, but the creation of a stable settlement and intensive cultivation of the surrounding countryside is attributed to the Romans. The latter, as for their customs, assigned a rational division of the territory, making changes, where it was necessary, to the bed of the rivers, draining the marshlands and irrigating the fields. They also improved the area with the construction of roads and fortresses for the control and territorial defense. During the Middle Ages it developed thanks to its port on the river. Mira shared, with other countries of the province, the same historical events, including the Unification of Italy. In 1867 it was finally proclaimed municipality, following the merger of the main three smaller centers of the area: Oriago, Gambarare and Mira.

- the Church of St. Nicholas, renovated several times over the centuries, features three naves and late XVIII century decorations;
- the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Assunta;
- Villa Foscari, la Malcontenta, built in the mid-XVI century and designed by the Palladio. It overlooks the Naviglio and inside is decorated with frescoes of the artist Zelotti;
- the XVII century Villa Brusoni, later restored in the XIX century, features a beautiful park designed by the architect Japelli;
- Villa Contarini, built in 1588 and embellished with the XVIII century frescoes painted by the artist Tiepolo;
- Villa Querini with frescoes of the XVI century;
- the XVII century Villa Levi-Moreno;
- the XVIII century Villa Bonfadini;
- the XVIII century Villa Swift-Barozzi;
- The XVII century Villa Selvatico;
- Palazzo Bonlini-Pisani;
- Villa Mocenigo-Boldù;
- Palazzo Persico;
- Villa Morolin;
- Villa Corner;
- Villa Bon.


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