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    The legend of Ferrari began with a man, Giulio Ferrari, and with his dream of creating a wine in Italy inspired by the very finest French Champagne. A skilled and painstaking enologist who had studied at the prestigious School of Viticulture in Montpellier,...

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Ferrari Wines Trento

Winery Farm Excellence Wines Metodo Classico sparkling wines Trento Trentino Alto Adige South Tyrol Italia


Trento via Ponte di Ravina +39 0461 972311 +39 0461 913008


The legend of Ferrari began with a man, Giulio Ferrari, and with his dream of creating a wine in Italy inspired by the very finest French Champagne.

A skilled and painstaking enologist who had studied at the prestigious School of Viticulture in Montpellier, Giulio created Ferrari in 1902, producing very few, extremely select bottles at a prohibitive price, but which were still never enough to satisfy the demand of wine lovers. In 1952 Bruno Lunelli, the owner of Trento's best-known wine bar, took over Ferrari from Giulio, who continued to work in the winery until his death.

Thanks to meticulous labor in the winery combined with his innate entrepreneurial verve, Bruno Lunelli increased production until it reached a hundred thousand bottles a year. In the decades that followed, Bruno Lunelli's sons, Gino, Franco and Mauro, brought the company, which produces exclusively Metodo Classico sparkling wines, to the apex of quality and fame - in other words, to the peak of excellence.

A Ferrari sparkling wine does not just come about by chance: it is the fruit of nature and of the work of man.

It comes first of all from the earth, as well as from the dizzying sunshine of the day, the restoring freshness of evening, the dew of the night and the breezes of the morning, all coupled with the passion, culture and tenaciousness of man.

The soul of a Ferrari wine originates in the vineyards that are loved and cared for like gardens.

Each row and each single vine is tended with loving care so that they give their very best fruit. When they are ripe, the grapes are selected and picked by hand, before being taken to the Ferrari winery where they undergo the complex and delicate process of vinification.

Ferrari's goal is to respect the generous nature of its area, making every year into an event and every vintage into a challenge that has been joyously won.

Just for once let us forget haste, anxiety and noise. The route that leads to the maturation of Ferrari is a slow voyage towards perfect taste, the result of an idyllic relationship between nature and the skill of man. And in the midst of this path there awaits, in silence, a fascinating locale: the cellars.

Here the ambience whispers with echoes of a story that has lasted throughout the whole of the 20th century: a past that renews itself year after year arriving, effervescent, to delight our present days.

Let's drink to that!


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