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you are here: Home Tuscany Grosseto - Maremma - Argentario Capalbio Grappa Wines and Local Products Tenuta Monteti Tuscany Wines


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  • Tenuta Monteti Tuscany Wines

    Tenuta Monteti is in Tuscany in the southern part of the Tuscan Maremma, in the surroundings of the small town of Capalbio, on the hills, just behind the hill named Monteti. Its position is 42°.28'.40' North and 11°.27'.14'' Est. It is 15 km from the...

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Tenuta Monteti Tuscany Wines

Winery Farm Quality Wine Carbunio Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Alicante Bouschet Monteti Petit Verdot Cabernet Franc Capalbio Grosseto Tuscany Italy


Capalbio Strada della Sgrilla, 6 +39 0564 896160 +39 0564 896783


Tenuta Monteti is in Tuscany in the southern part of the Tuscan Maremma, in the surroundings of the small town of Capalbio, on the hills, just behind the hill named Monteti.

Its position is 42°.28'.40' North and 11°.27'.14'' Est.

It is 15 km from the sea in a straight line. The altitude goes from 100 to 140 mt above sea level.

The work for the preparation of the land has been a very demanding job. Deep drainages have been executed, using the heap of stones which was obtained during the trenching. During these works the big rocks came to the surface. The biggest ones have been left around the fields, near the vines, and have now become a characteristic of the landscape.

MONTETI is the name of the hill where part of the estate lies. The hill is exactly in front of the vines and protects them from the wind that comes from the sea. It is 425 mt (1394,36 feet) high and on the top there are ruins of roman and medieval settlements.

CABURNIO is a name suggested by Pliny the Elder (23 - 79 d.c.) which in his Natural History gives us advice of a vine that in those years was diffused in the Narbonne province, that he defines "tutissima" and that locally "carbunicam vocant".

Tenuta surface: 57 hectares.
Effective vineyard surface: 28 hectares.

It is composed of four contiguous vineyards: 13,2 hectares the biggest one, 3 hectares the smallest, 6,5 and 6,3 hectares, the two intermediate ones.
The soil has a various composition. It is fairly stony, with an adequate presence of clay, that ensures a deep humidity.

Age of the vines: the oldest one was planted in the year 2000.
Vines density: 6.600 vines per hectare.
Distance between the rows: 2 mt.
Distance between the vines: 0,75 mt.
The species of vine planted are: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Alicante-Bouschet.
Pruning system: spurred cordon.

Particular attention is given to maintain a balanced relation between canopy surface and the bunches of grapes. The vineyard is entirely equipped with a drip fed irrigation system.

The building develops itself on three levels. Building Year: 2003-2004.

the vat room has 25 stainless steel vats: 20 with 80 Hl capacity, 3 with 50 Hl capacity and 2 with 100 Hl capacity. There is a complete electronic control system of the fermentation process.

The grapes final selection, stalk removing and crushing process take place on the roof of the vat-room. Once crushed, the grapes flow along the stainless steel tubes into the vats. For the plunging of the cap two mobile pistons hang from the sealing. The wine reaches the barriques from the vats through a stainless steel tube by gravity force.

The aging rooms, where the barriques are kept, are temperature, humidity and ventilation controlled.

Production of wines that are the full expression of the Tenuta's terroir: wines of great quality and strong personality.

Rely on species of vines that, in specific conditions, can give great results, the value of which can be increased with high selection processes, with a constant experimental research.

Discover the virtues and the potentialities of the soil. Seek for the balance in the wine more than simple and easy effects.

Production of grapes per hectare: approximately 6000 kg.

Green pruning is executed. The harvesting period goes from the end of August to the beginning of October. The first to be picked are the Alicante and the Merlot and the last one is usually the Cabernet Franc.

The vineyard has been divided in 25 sections of almost 1 hectare each. The grapes of each of the 25 section undergo vinification separately and the wines are maintained separated also during the refining period.

The grapes vinification is operated in thermo regulated stainless steel vats. During the course of the 2007 vintage, test fermentations were carried out on selected lots of must, which were allowed to initiate spontaneously with indigenous yeasts. The very positive results of this experiment have since directed production to rely entirely on indigenous yeast, further imprinting the characteristics of the natural environment on the wine. The barriques and tonneaux's capacity is 225 lt. and 500 lt. and are made of french oak selected from different regions and different toasted levels.

The first blend takes place between June and July, while the second and final blend is operated in October-November. Given the strict application of the parcel method we can say that more than a 28 hectare estate, the Tenuta is an estate of 28 times one hectare.

With this selective process we produce the CABURNIO and MONTETI wines.

Specific methods are adopted (accurate oxygen control while aging in barriques) which minimize the use of sulphurizations.

CABURNIO is prevalently composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Alicante-Bouschet. It can even include some Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, but in very little quantities (see technical form). It ages for 12 months in barriques and /or steel (see technical form) and afterwards in bottle for another 4-5 months. It's the case of a complex wine that at the same time has a good freshness: the aging of 25-30% of this wine takes place in new barriques. Technical form

MONTETI is prevalently composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and can include little quantities of Alicante-Bouschet and Merlot (see technical form). It ages in barriques for 16-18 months and for 10 months in the bottles before being put on the market. It is a superior quality wine, complex and balanced. In this case the 70% of the wine is aged in new barriques.

Attending on the results of every vintage, the exact percentage of the single varieties in the final blend can change from year to year. The exact varietals composition will to be found in the technical forms.

The Tenuta Monteti is a family owned property.

The initiative is the result of the personal engagement of Paolo Baratta, who personally runs the business (with the full support of Gemma and Eva).

Carlo Ferrini has been at his side since the beginning and now still has the key role of consultant, with the support of Gioia Cresti.

Roberto Rossi is responsible of the vineyard operations.

Andrea Elmi is the oenologist of the Tenuta, responsible of the cellar and of the commercial branch.


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