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Visit a locality browsing the menu on the left. In each Italy area you can then choose the best touristical structures we are proposing.

Most viewed in Italy

  • Santa Croce Luxury Villa - Amalfi

    As the smooth curves of a Mediterranean woman, who knows how to surprise and conquer, revealing, piece after piece, her wild and untamed nature, so the Amalfi coast hides inside its soul, delicate and virile at the same time, a sensuality that manifests...

  • Sunland Travel and Accommodation Amalfi Coast

    Sunland since 1979 is the leading tour operator for ground hanling services on Amalfi Coast, Cilento and Neapolitan Riviera. Sunland is the partner of some of the biggest tour operator world wide. Our attentive staff is at your service for: Hotel accomodation...

  • Amalfi Coast Destination Shore Excursions, Tours & Transfers

    The Amalfi Coast, suspended between sea and Sky, is a land of an amazing beauty. Our wish, having the pleasure to be your driver/guide, is to share with you the traditions, art, history, landscapes and the beauty that makes this land, " The Divine Amalfi...

  • Amalfi Vacation Amalfi Coast

    Self-catering villas and apartments on the Amalfi Coast with pool, access to the sea and air conditioning. Amalfi Vacation owns and manages all the Amalfi Coast villas shown on the website. We are specialists in luxury villas and self-catering apartments...

  • Hotel Santa Caterina Amalfi

    Located on the famous AmalfiCoast drive, a few minutes from the famous town of Amalfi, the Santa Caterina enjoys a panoramic coastal setting of incomparable beauty. The history of this special resort is as impressive as its surroundings. In 1880, Giuseppe...

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Extra virgin Olive Oil Producers in

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  • Adanti Umbria Wines

    Winery farm Quality Wine Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bevagna Perugia Umbria Italy

    Bevagna 06031 Arquata di Bevagna +39 0742 360295 +39 0742 361270

    The Farm covers 30 hectares of land, of which five are given over to mixed crops, five to olive groves and twenty to vineyards, and lies in the municipality of Bevagna on the hillsides of Arquata and Colcimino, an area renowned since antiquity for the...


  • Agriturismo Cesani Tuscany Wines

    Holiday Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Winery Quality Wine San Gimignano Siena Tuscany Italy

    San Gimignano Loc. Pancole 82/D +39 0577 955084 +39 0577 955084

    The Cesani family's story started at the beginning of the 1950s in the splendid Tuscan countryside, just 6 km from San Gimignano. In that difficult period when people preferred to abandon the countryside for a presumably better life in the towns, Cesani,...


  • Argiano Wines and Tuscany Accommodation

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Extra Virgin Olive Oil Exclusive Apartments Accommodation Montalcino Siena Tuscany Italy

    Montalcino S. Angelo in Colle +39 0577 844037 +39 0577 844210

    Argiano is thought to be an ancient place, full of history, where wise men searched for Ara Jani, the legendary altar of the roman god Janus. At the summit of a wonderful hill, south-west of Montalcino, the magnificent Villa of Argiano was built in the...


  • Avanzi Wines Lombardy

    Winery Farm Quality Wines Extra Virgin Olive Oil Producer Manerba del Garda Brescia Lombardy Italy

    Manerba del Garda Via Trevisago, 19 +39 0365 551013 +39 0365 551013

    For over seventyfive years we have produced wines with the best grapes of Lake Garda. Love for Garda and Lugana Wines urge us, from generation to generation, to a continuous renewal. With over seventy hectares of vineyards and olive groves, the Avanzi...


  • Avignonesi Tuscany Wines

    Winery farm Quality Wine Montepulciano Siena Tuscany italy

    Montepulciano Valiano di Montepulciano +39 0578 724304 +39 0578 724308

    Quality is made by men: made by their dreams, by their experience, by their dedication. This is why you must know their history and their passions. This is the only way that you will understand where the quality of their work springs from. Avignonesi...


  • Bio Vio Wines Ligury

    Winery Farm Bio Quality Wines Olive Oil Producer Albenga Savona Liguria Italy

    Albenga Via Crociata, 24 +39 0182 21856 +39 0182 20538

    Our Firm has been producing grapes in the sunny hinterland of Albenga since time immemorial, and, starting from the year 2000 harvest, we have begun to make our own wine. Within a few years - thanks to the excellent quality obtained - our wines have become...


  • Boscaini Carlo Valpolicella Wines

    Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella Via Sengia +39 045 7731412

    In the beginning, the late Carlo Boscaini (who lived to the venerable age of 102 drinking wine in modest quantity but high quality) produced wine with great passion from leased land. He succeded in aquiring this winery in 1948, and then with his son Arturo...


  • Buonocore Amalfi Lemons

    cultivation and commercialization of Amalfi Coast lemon, e-commerce, online commerce, Amalfi Coast lemon PGI, sfusato amalfitano lemon, Amalfi lemon

    Maiori Via Santa Croce, 5 - Tramonti +39 089856285

    Since 2009, the Azienda Agricola Buonocore takes care of both cultivation and commercialization of the "Costa d'Amalfi" lemon PGI, the agricultural symbol of the Divine coast. It is located in a hilly area of Maiori, beautiful town of the Amalfi coast....


  • Camigliano Wine Accommodation

    Winery Farm Quality Wines Brunello di Montalcino Cabernet Sauvignon Rosso di Montalcino IGT Toscana Chianti Colli Senesi Borgone Table Wine Holiday Farmhouse Montalcino Siena Tuscany Italy

    Montalcino Via d'Ingresso, 2 +39 0577 844068 +39 0577 816040

    Camigliano has a very long history. Known in Etruscan times, it was a rural neighborhood of some size in the Middle Ages, which subsequently obtained some economic independence as a typical, small sharecropping property. The business was acquired in 1957...


  • CAMPODELSOLE Romagna Wines

    Winery Farm Sangiovese Merlot Cabernet sauvignon Bombino bianco Albana Pagadebit Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bertinoro Forlì Cesena Emilia Romagna Italy

    Bertinoro Via Cellaimo 850 +39 0543 444562 +39 0543 446007

    Seventy hectares of vineyards on Bertinoro's hills. The noble wine's experience of a generous and hospitable land. CAMPODELSOLE already bears in the name the essence, the concreteness of fertile land of Romagna and the force of its sun, the generosity...


  • Canonica a Cerreto Wines Accommodation

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Holiday Farmhouse Wineresort Extra Virgin Olive Oil Castelnuovo Berardenga Siena Tuscany Italy

    Castelnuovo Berardenga Loc. Canonica Cerreto +39 0577 363261 +39 0577 363261

    Around the year 1000 A.D , the canons of Siena's cathedral decided to construct a new abbey not too far from the city. The abbey was to be located on a panoramic hillside in the middle of a forest filled with "cerri" - turkey oak trees- and it was here...


  • Cantine del Notaio Basilicata Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Rionero in Vulture Potenza Basilicata Italy

    Rionero in Vulture Via Roma, 159 +39 335 6842483 +39 0972 725435

    The passion for winemaking is not new to the Giuratrabocchetti family and has been handed down for generations. And in 1998 the Cantine del Notaio wine estate was born from this same tradition, when both Gerardo Giuratrabocchetti, with his degree in Agricultural...


  • Casale Marchese Latium Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Frascati Rome Latium Italy

    Frascati Via di Vermicino, 68 +39 06 9408932 +39 06 9408932

    People in Italy and around the world, in hearing the name Frascati, has always evoked a lot of simpathy. A famous name, immediately associated with the wine, where a generous land, rich in nature, has always welcomed and conquered visitors. This can be...


  • Casanova di Neri Tuscany Wines Accommodation

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Sangiovese Rosso di Montalcino Brunello di Montalcino Cabernet Sauvignon Holiday Farmhouse Montalcino Siena Tuscany Italy

    Montalcino Loc. Fiesole +39 0577 834455 +39 0577 846177

    The Casanova di Neri farm began in 1971 when Giovanni Neri bought a large estate within the territory of Montalcino. Over the years our continuing goal has been the search for and purchasing of land which we believe to be optimal for growing high quality...


  • Castello Di Ama Gaiole in Chianti

    Winery Extra virgin Olive Oil Quality Wines Ama Gaiole in Chianti Siena Tuscany Italy

    Gaiole in Chianti Località Ama +39 0577 746031 +39 0577 746117

    "A place of cultic importance in the wine world. We Italians often complain that we do not have our own Chateaux Margaux, our Romanée Conti, our Opus One. But we are wrong, for we do have here in Italy some wine "houses" that are something better, something...


  • Castello di Querceto Accommodation and Tuscany Wines

    Winery Faem Quality Wine Holiday Farmhouse Rooms Bed and Breakfast Gastronomy Greve in Chianti Florence Tuscany Italy

    Greve in Chianti Via A. François, 2 +39 055 85921 +39 055 8592200

    Castello di Querceto is located in the northeastern side of the Chianti Classico area, in a small valley in the comune of Greve in Chianti. This verdant area, thanks to its extraordinary beauty and to its central position, it is a strategic place to start...


  • Castello Sonnino Tuscany Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Chianti Montespertoli Florence Tuscany Italy

    Montespertoli Castello Sonnino +39 0571 609198 +39 0571 657027

    Browsing this website, you can find out about the history of the Sonnino Castle and discover what it has in store for you: wines, olive oil, grappa, and vinsanto, guided tours, wine tasting, and direct retail of the Castle's products. The Sonnino Castle,...


  • Ciavolich Abruzzo Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Montepulciano D'Abruzzo Pecorino Trebbiano d'Abruzzo Chardonnay Cabernet Sauvignon Miglianico Chieti Abruzzo Italy

    Miglianico C.da Cerreto, 18 +39 0871 958797 +39 0871 958028

    Since the beginning the Company has chosen high quality : the cultivation of the vineyards is performed with the objective to value nature: every procedure is constantly kept under control by an enologist of us, who makes use of the latest technologies...


  • Col D'Orcia Tuscany Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Brunello di Montalcino Rosso di Montalcino Pinot Grigio Cabernet Moscadello di Montalcino Gineprone Chianti Chardonnay Siena Tuscany Italy

    Montalcino Via Giuncheti - 53024 +39 0577 80891 +39 0577 844018

    The Col D'Orcia estate is one of the oldest companies of Montalcino, being present in 1933 with the name "Fattoria di Sant'Angelo in Colle" at the First Exhibition of Italian wines held in Siena, with three vintages of Brunello. The origin of the estate...


  • Conti Bettoni Cazzago Wines Lombardy

    Winery Farm Quality Wines Chardonnay Pinot Cabernet Merlot Barbera Nebiolo Cazzago San Martino Brescia Lombardy Italy

    Cazzago San Martino Via Marconi, 6 +39 030 7750875 +39 030 7750875

    The Counts Bettoni, originally from Upper Garda Brescian area, large owners ofolive groves and citrus orchards, in the 18th century united with the last descendent of the Cazzago line, an ancient Brescian family going back to the 11th century, originally...


  • Country House Lucignanello Bandini Siena

    Charming Relais Accommodation Holiday Farmhouse San Giovanni d'Asso Siena Tuscany Italy

    San Giovanni d'Asso Località Lucignano d'Asso +39 0577 803068 +39 0577 803082

    The "Azienda Agrituristica" Lucignanello Bandini is situated in the southernmost tip of Tuscany, in the tiny village of Lucignano d'Asso, an half hour's drive from Siena. The hamlet consists of two stony roads, two churches, a castle, a quaint little...


  • Donna Olga Montalcino Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Brunello di Montalcino Extra Virgin Olive Oil Montalcino Siena Tuscany Italy

    Montalcino Loc. Friggiali +39 0577 849454 +39 0577 849314

    In the heart and land of Montalcino was born Brunello di Montalcino Donna Olga. Donna Olga is taken from the name of Olga Peluso Centolani, a passionate woman of wine and a wine grower who has for years been involved with the production of wine. The estate,...


  • Fattoria Casaloste Chianti

    Greve in Chianti Via Montagliari, 32 +39 055 852725 +39 055 8560807

    "Fattoria Casaloste", is a wine farm placed in the Chianti hills in Panzano in Chianti, municipality of Greve, near Florence, Italy. The Fattoria Casaloste stretches for nearly 19 hectares, 10,5 in which Chianti Classico vines are grown, producing about...


  • Fattoria di Grignano Chianti

    Pontassieve Via di Grignano, 22 +39 055 8398490 +39 055 8395940

    At the place of the ruines of an ancient Roman fort and after of the medieval Castle of Vico, in the fifteenth century, the Marquises Gondi built the villa of Grignano in the middle of a vast estate that stretched from the Sieve river into the hills above...


  • Fattoria Lavacchio Wines Accommodation

    Winery Farm Extra Virgin Olive Oil Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast Pontassieve Florence Tuscany Italy

    Pontassieve Via di Grignano, 38 +39 055 8396168 +39 055 8399331

    Our wines reflect nature and the characteristics of the territory, of the vineyards and the vintage. Grape picking is carried out by hand according to old country traditions, for the best product quality. The limited production imposed by biological cultivation...


  • Fattoria Montefasolo Wines Veneto

    Winery Farm Quality Wines Events and Weddings Accommodation Wine Cellars Italian Farm Product Cinto Euganeo Padua Veneto Italy

    Cinto Euganeo Via Monte Fasolo, 2 +39 0429 634030 +39 0429 634800

    Fattoria Monte Fasolo is located in the heart of Veneto in the Euganean hills. Its conica shape belies their volcanic origins Fattoria Monte Fasolo has been a wonderfully unique and unusua commercial vineyard for over 30 years. Set high in the hills of...


  • Fattoria San Giusto a Rentennano Chianti Classic

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Sangiovese Canaiolo Merlot Malvasia Trebbiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gaiole in Chianti Siena Toscana Italy

    Gaiole in Chianti Loc. San Giusto a Rentennano +39 0577 747121 +39 0577 747109

    San Giusto a Rentennano, a name of Etruscan origin, overlooks the upper course of the Arbia river in the further south Chianti Classico wine zone. The estate began life as a medieval monastery of Cistercian nuns and was called San Giusto alle Monache...


  • Fattoria Terre del Marchesato Tuscany Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Bolgheri Castagneto Carducci Livorno Tuscany Italy

    Castagneto Carducci Località S. Uberto, 164 +39 0565 749752 +39 0565 749619

    Emilio Fuselli, a farmer from the Marches, acquired a lot of terrain from the Marquis Incisa della Rocchetta in 1954 essentially for agricultural production, but the first vines were planted. After him, his son Aldo - together with his own sons, Maurizio...


  • Fratelli Vagnoni Wines Accommodation

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Holiday Farmhouse Appartments San Gimignano Siena Tuscany Italy

    San Gimignano Loc. Pancole, 82 +39 0577 955077 +39 0577 955012

    The farm is located in a panoramic position, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, it is ideal place to attend a relaxing holiday in the countryside. The accommodation consists of apartments with kitchen and double rooms with bathroom. In the farm's...


  • I Fabbri Chianti Classic Wines

    Winery and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Farm Grave in Chianti Florence Tuscany Italy

    Greve in Chianti via casole 52 +39 339 4122622 +39 0532 287004

    The Grassi family were already producing wine and oil in the 1600s on the enchanted slopes of the famous hills of Lamole, in the heart of today's Chianti Classico region, just above Greve. Generation after generation of experience and work have brought...


  • Il Colombaio di Santa Chiara Tuscany

    Winery Farm Holiday Farmhouse Accommodation San Gimignano Siena Tuscany Italy

    San Gimignano Loc. San Donato n. 1 +39 0577 942004

    In the past the wish of each vine dresser was to make a good wine : this was the passional result that bound the vine dresser to his vineyard. "At the farm Il colombaio di Santa Chiara. Those bounds are still existing nowdays between my vineyards and...


  • IL RONCAL Doc Wines Friuli

    Spumante Brut Ribolla Gialla Spumante Ribolla Gialla Pinot Grigio Friulano Sauvignon Ploe di Stelis Verduzzo Friulano Picolit Merlot Cabernet Franc Grappa Cividale del Friuli Udine Italy

    Cividale del Friuli Via Fornalis, 148 +39 0432 730138 +39 0432 701984

    There is a place in the Eastern Hills of Friuli (Colli Orientali del Friuli) which is a real heartland. Here the family values find their most sincere expression in producing great wines. IL RONCAL is a small estate of 20 hectares set on terraces on Colle...


  • Incontri Tuscany Wines

    Winery Farm Tuscany Wine Holiday farmhouse Accommodation Suvereto Livorno Tuscany Italy

    Suvereto Loc. Incontri +39 0565 829401 +39 3804138933 +39 0565 829401

    Almost twenty years have passed, since my parents decided to bottle the wine of Suvereto; medieaeval town in the Val di Cornia, which in the stretch of a decacde ha granded a large part of its lands to the vine which, not by chance, has selected it. I...


  • La Bulichella Tuscany Wines

    Holiday Farmhouse Accommodation Bio Winery Farm Quality Wine Suvereto Livorno Tuscany Italy

    Suvereto Bulichella, 131 +39 0565 829892 +39 0565 829553

    Our wines have a character, an harmony and a taste that reflect the typical features of the environment and soil of this area. The vineyards spread across a surface area of ten hectares of medium mixture soil, fundamentally clayey. The running of the...


  • La Cipriana Wines and Accommodation Tuscany

    Holiday Farmhouse Winery Farm Quality Wine Castagneto Carducci Livorno Tuscany Italy

    Castagneto Carducci Loc. Campastrello 176/B Donoratico +39 0565 775568 +39 0565 773391

    The Cipriana COMMERCIAL FARM has a long history in the Bolgheri area (it is the third such farm to have been established there and the first bottle of San Martino was produced in 1978). It lies on the slopes of the mediaeval town of Castgneto Carducci...


  • La Collina Romagna Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Sangiovese Extra Virgin Olive Oil Brisighella Ravenna Emilia Romagna Italy

    Brisighella Via Paglia, 19 +39 0546 83110 +39 0546 83110

    The vineyard "La Collina" - which is Italian for "hill" - is located in the Municipality of Brisighella. It is situated among the first hills of the eastern Apennines in the Province of Ravenna, 30 kilometres from the Adriatic Coast, and near the town...


  • LA GUARDA Wines Lombardy

    Winery Farm Quality Wines Sangiovese Riesling Renano Chardonnay Garda Classic Groppello Barbera Muscoline Brescia Lombardy Italy

    Muscoline Via Zanardelli +39 0365 0365 372948 +39 0365 0365 372948

    Negri Family started making wine in 1870 with grapes produced by third party. In 1970, all the necessary grapes were produced in the familiy Farm located in Castrezzone di Muscoline, on the Brescia shore of the Garda Lake, and member of the local union...


  • La Querce Wines and Accommodation

    Winery Farm Tuscany Wine Exclusive Villa Accommodation garden and swimming pool Impruneta Florence Tuscany Italy

    Impruneta Via Imprunetana per Tavarnuzze, 41 +39 055 2011380 +39 055 2011380

    Florence luxury villa rentals with swimming pool and air conditioning for a vacation in total relax. Villa La Querce is a charming place located only 12 km off Florence, a mere 20 minute trip by car, ideal for those who would like to visit the Uffizi...


  • Le Carline Venetian Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wines Refosco Valdobbiadene Chardonnay Merlot Pinot Grigio Cabernet Sauvignon Verduzzo Pramaggiore Venezia Veneto Italy

    Pramaggiore Via Carline, 24 +39 0421799741 +39 0421203525

    Here your eyes caress the air, savour every season and feel the pleasure on this ever-giving country,watered by the Livenza and Tagliamento rivers. The history of wine-making in the DOC Lison - Pramaggiore area has roots that go back to the time of the...


  • Le Cinciole Chianti Wine

    Winery Farm Quality Wines Chianti Classic Sangiovese Canaiolo IGT Toscana Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah Merlot Panzano in Chianti Florence Tuscany Italy

    Greve in Chianti Via Case Sparse, 83 +39 055 852636 +39 055 8560307

    The estate has an extension of 30 hectares at an altitude between 400 and 450 mts and it is located next to the town of Panzano in Chianti., in he heart of Chianti Classico area. Vineyards and olive groves are grown on the property. The name "Le Cinciole"...


  • Lepore Abruzzo Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Passerina Pescara Abruzzo Italy

    Pescara Vittorio Emanuele II +39 0861 70860

    From the Roman Empire to the Reign of Naples: the history of a city with a famous past, since Pliny and Cicero. Colonnella epitomises real Abruzzo. It is located on a hill above the Adriatic coast of Teramo. The city has a perfect climate for the production...


  • Lilliano Classic Chianti Wines

    Winery farm Quality Wine Chianti Reserve Castellina in Chianti Siena Tuscany Italu

    Castellina in Chianti +39 0577 743070 +39 0577 743036

    The first records of Borgo di Lilliano date back to the Middle Ages. At that time it was a fortified complex comprising the Church of Santa Cristina with a characteristic single large nave (unusual for the parish churches of Chianti). The facade, decorated...


  • Longariva Wines Trentino

    Winery Farm Quality Vineyards Pinot Nero Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Chardonnay Traminer Syrah Pinot Grigio Marzemino Rovereto Trento South Tyrol Italy

    Rovereto Via R. Zandonai, 6 +39 0464 437200 +39 0464 487322

    Trentino is our territory, Val Lagarina our sunny valley, the vineyards our passion and the wines ... a pleasure to convey and share. Mounts Baldo, Zugna, Biaena, Stivo and Cornetto form a frame around the vineyards. The River Adige, our silver shining...


  • Manara Valpolicella Wines

    Winery Farm Vineyards Corvina Rondinella Molinara Croatina Oseleta Amarone Valpolicella San Pietro in Cariano Verona Veneto Italy

    San Pietro in Cariano (Pedemonte di Valpolicella) Via Don Cesare Biasi 53 +39 045 7701086 +39 045 7704805

    The story of the Manara winery is like the story of other small wine producers in the Valpolicella Classico area. It was established in 1950 and the owners have been running it for three generations, maintaning local wine-making traditions with growing...


  • Michele Satta Tuscany Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah Teroldego Merlot Viognier Vermentino Trebbiano Castagneto Carducci Livorno Tuscany Italy

    Castagneto Carducci Loc. Casone Ugolino 23 +39 0565 773 041 +39 0565 773 041

    Dear Friends, this year I send you some notes on the Harvest written by Fabio who has been working with me for 2 years during which he wholly experienced all works, and now he is responsible for all commercial movements, and he is the reference point...


  • Monte del Frà Wines Veneto

    Winery Farm Vineyards Custoza Trebbiano di Lugana Garganega Corvina Rondinella Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Amarone Valpolicella Classic Sommacampagna Verona Veneto Italy

    Sommacampagna Strada Custoza, 35 +39 045 510490 +39 045 8961384

    Monte del Frà wine farm is located in the heart of the Custoza area, on the east side of Garda Lake and only 15 Km away from the centre of Verona. It was founded by the brothers Eligio and Claudio Bonomo in 1958. The firm today owns 100 hectareas circa,...


  • Mormoraia Winery Tuscany Accommodation

    Holiday Farmhouse Quality Wine Apartments Swimming Pool San Gimignano Siena Tuscany Italy

    San Gimignano Località Sant' Andrea +39 0577 940096 +39 0577 943207

    In ancient times Mormoraia was a convent; nowadays it is an elegant farmhouse set in the heart of Tuscany on the Chianti hills, in a panoramic position of rare beauty in front of San Gimignano's medieval towers. The Mormoraia farm-holiday estate represents...


  • Petrolo Wines and Accommodation Tuscany

    Winery Farm Quality Wines Exclusive Villa Events Weddings Montevarchi Arezzo Tuscany Italy

    Montevarchi Via Petrolo, 30 +39 055 9911322 +39 055 992749

    The "Petrolo Estate" is situated among the green olive groves, active vineyards and beautiful oak woods. A place full of charm and history. The estate has , as its landmark , the Tower of Galatrona. The Tower's foundation dates back to the Etruscan and...


  • Pieropan Wines Veneto

    Winery Farm Garganega Trebbiano di Soave Sauvignon Riesling Corvina Rondinella Croatina Amarone Valpolicella Soave Verona Veneto Italy

    Soave Via Camuzzoni 3 +39 045 6190171 +39 045 6190040

    Pieropan has become a benchmark of quality for the International wine world. The Company was founded by Dr. Leonildo Pieropan in 1890. Whilst his two sons, Fausto and Gustavo took on the company and ran it with the same passion, it was the youthful enthusiasm...


  • Podere San Michele Wine Accommodation

    San Vincenzo Via della Caduta 3/A +39 335 7809881 +39 0565 704808

    The peaceful countryside setting of the Podere San Michele, its warm family atmosphere and only a limited number of guests, make it the perfect place for a holiday. Salty sea air and the heady perfume of the land come together in this location in a fresh...


  • Poggio al Sole Tuscany Wines

    Tavarnelle Val di Pesa Badia a Passignano +39 055 8071850 +39 055 8091098

    The tradition of winegrowing in the Davaz family is several decades old. The Davaz have been cellaring wine in their vineyard between Fläsch and Maienfeld in the Bündner Herrschaft of Switzerland (Domain of the Grisons Lords ) since the early seventies....


  • Renzo Marinai Chianti Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Sangiovese Canaiolo Chardonnay Panzano Greve in Chianti Florence Tuscany Italy

    Greve in Chianti Panzano in Chianti - Via Case Sparse, 6 +39 055 8560237

    The Company is set in one of the most delightful scenarios in Chianti Classico, in front of the "Conca d'oro", surrounded by the famous pebbly soils of the Gallo Nero territories. The farm is near the old church of San Martino in Cecione, not far from...


  • Romeo Montepulciano Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Montepulciano Wine Doc Vineyards Winecellar Montepulciano Siena Tuscany Italy

    Montepulciano Podere Corsica SS. 326 n°25 +39 0578 708599 +39 0578 708599

    Mostly out of choice, but also partly by chance, I find myself running a small wine-making company, formed mainly by two farms given over to different types of cultivation. This is due to variations in the nature and geological make-up of the land. The...


  • Ronchi di Castelluccio Wines Emilia Romagna

    Winery Farm Sauvignon Blanc Sangiovese IGT di Romagna Olive Oil Producers Ronchi di Castelluccio Modigliana Forlì-Cesena Emilia Romagna Italy

    Modigliana Via Tramonto, 15 +39 0546 942486 +39 0546 940383

    Castelluccio is on the hills of Modigliana, between Faenza and Forlì, at an altitude from m. 250 to m. 500 (ft. 750 to ft. 1500). We are in Romagna, in a territory that used to belong to Toscany until the thirties, approximately km 100 (mi. 65) from Florence...


  • Salustri Wines Accommodation

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Sangiovese Holiday Farmhouse Cinigiano Grosseto Tuscany Italy

    Cinigiano Loc. La Cava +39 0564 990529 +39 0564 990529

    Nestled between Montalcino and Scansano are the hills of the Montecucco DOC, wich are comprised of small medieval townships such as Cinigiano and Castel del Piano. In the heart of this relatively new DOC among the soft rolling hills of Poggi del Sasso,...


  • Santa Cassella Marche Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Colli Maceratesi Donna Eleonora Donna Angela Rosso Piceno Conte Leopoldo Potenza Picena Macerata Marche Italy

    Potenza Picena Contrada Santa Cassella, 7 +39 0733 671507 +39 0733 671507

    The "Azienda Santa Cassella" is located, close to the sea , in the Marche Region (central Italy), which is characterized by a series of hills and valleys descending from the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea; it spreads over an area of about 70 hectares ,...


  • Santa Sofia Valpolicella Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wines Amarone della Valpolicella Recioto Costalta Soave Classico Merlot Corvina Pedemonte di Valpolicella Verona Veneto Italy

    Verona Pedemonte di Verona +39 045 7701074 +39 045 7703222

    The Santa Sofia Estate has headquarters and cellars in Pedemonte (VR), one of the most beautiful and mildest zones in the Classic Valpolicella area. The origins of the Villa date back to 1560 when nobleman Marcantonio Serego turned to the genius of architect...


  • Savignola Paolina Tuscany Wines

    Greve in Chianti Via Petriolo, 58 +39 055 8546036 +39 055 8546036

    Savignola, whose name has Etruscan origins, was known as a Christian settlement, built around the first half of the seventeenth century. In 1780 the Fabbri family purchased Savignola, starting wine production in the second half of the 1800s. But the first...


  • Sesta di Sopra Montalcino Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Brunello Montalcino Siena Tuscany Italy

    Montalcino Castelnuovo dell'Abate +39 0577 835698 +39 0577 835698

    Sesta di Sopra is a 44-hectare farm dating back to the 1200's and located south of Montalcino, about 4 km from Castelnuovo dell'Abate in Tuscany, the ancient land of the Etruscans. The "Sesta Di Sopra" logo contains an Etruscan symbol depicting the sun,...


  • Spoleto Ducale Umbria Wine and Olive Oil

    Winery Farm Quality Wines Sagrantino Sangiovese Grechetto Trebbiano Spoletino Spoleto Perugia Umbria Italy

    Spoleto 06049 Petrognano di Spoleto +39 0743 56224 +39 0743 56065

    The wine producer Spoleto Ducale is located in the heart of the green Umbria, in a unique and rare crossroads along the river Clitunno: it is halfway between the town of Montefalco, with its splendid architectural works and its monuments and the town...


  • Tedeschi Wines Veneto

    Winery Farm Quality Wines Valpolicella Calssic Amarone Ripasso Recioto Passiti Olio d'Oliva Pedemonte di Verona Veneto Italy

    San Pietro in Cariano (Pedemonte di Valpolicella) fraz. Pedemonte +39 045 7701487 +39 045 7704239

    Numerous generations of the Tedeschi family have dedicated love and devotion to viticulture in the Vapolicella, giving them an enviable wealth of experience, of tradition, and of nobility, all of which is used ,above all, to achieve the highest quality...


  • Tenuta Cocci Grifoni Marche Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Rosso Piceno Montepulciano Cabernet Sauvignon Passerina in purity Ripatransone Ascoli Piceno Marche Italy

    Ripatransone Contrada Messieri, 12 +39 0735 90143 +39 0735 90123

    The wines of Tenuta Cocci Grifoni come to life in the heart of the Marche region and are the most authentic and genuine feature of a charming corner of Italy. A region rich in art, nature, culture and age-old traditions, which are perfectly represented...


  • Tenuta di Capezzana Wines and Accommodation

    Winery Farm Quality Sangiovese Cabernet Canaiolo Cooking Class Holiday farmhouse Wine Carmignano Prato Tuscany Italy

    Carmignano Via Capezzana, 100 +39 055 8706005 +39 055 8706673

    Wine jars and tasting cups found in Etruscan tombs dating to approximately 1000 BC show that vines have been cultivated in Carmignano since Pre Roman times. More specifically, a parchment rent contract conserved in the Florence State Archives, dated 804,...


  • Tenuta di Ghizzano Tuscany

    Winery Farm Quality Tuscany Cru Holiday Farmhouse Accommodation Apartments Ghizzano in Peccioli Pisa Tuscany Italy

    Peccioli Via della Chiesa, 1 Ghizzano in Peccioli +39 0587 630096 +39 0587 630162

    Ghizzano is a small hillside hamlet situated at 650 feet above sea level in the northwestern part of the Tuscany, halfway between Florence and Pisa. We are in the Colline Pisane production zone, a group of hills to the southeast of Pisa. None of these...


  • Tenuta di Sesta Tuscany Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Sangiovese Merlot Cabernet Franc Rosso di Montalcino Brunello di Montalcino Rosso di Montalcino Grappa di Brunello Extra Virgin Olive Oil Montalcino Siena Tuscany Italy

    Montalcino Loc. Sesta +39 0577 835612 +39 0577 835535

    The Sesta Estate is located in the southern part of the municipality of Montalcino between Sant'Angelo in Colle and Castelnuovo dell'Abate, near the well-known Romanesque Abbey of Sant'Antimo, on a downward slope which inclines from 400 to 200 metres...


  • Tenuta Sant'Antonio Venetian Wines

    Winery Farm Amarone della Valpolicella Chardonnay Recioto Cabernet Sauvignon Soave Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mezzane di Sotto Verona Veneto Italy

    Mezzane di Sotto Via Monti Garbi +39 045 7650383 +39 045 6171098

    Passion, enthusiasm, business skills and experience. Four qualities for four brothers: Armando, Tiziano, Massimo and Paolo Castagnedi. A passion originated in the family vineyards when, as children, they lived in San Zeno di Colognola ai Colli countryside,...


  • Terre Stregate Winery

    Wine Farm, quality wines, sannio doc, falanghina, greco di Tufo, aglianico, sparkling wines, fiano igt, Extravirgin oil mill, Guardia Sanframondi, Benevento, Campania, Italy

    Guardia Sanframondi Contrada Santa Lucia SS87 +39 0824 817857 +39 0824 864312

    "Terre Stregate" has always been one of the more notable and renowned oil and wine-producing businesses present in the Beneventano region, today it has become a new business reality. To emerge above what it was in the past it has taken on a new location...


  • Tordimaro Umbria Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Extra Virgin Olive Oil Orvieto Terni Umbria Italy

    Orvieto Loc.Tordimonte 37 +39 0763 304227 39 0763 304085

    We believe in a longlasting demand for high quality wine and first class olive oil. We are convinced that it becomes more and more important to establish a direct relationship between discerning customers and producers, based on credibility, authenticity...


  • Torricino Campania Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Taurasi Doc Falanghina Fiano di Avellino Torricino Rosso Greco di Tufo Avellino Campania Italy

    Tufo Località Torricino, 5 +39 0825 998119 +39 0825 998119

    Harmoniously placed in the view of Tufo's hills, the Farm Torricino rises near an ancient medieval tower (= torre in Italian, hence the name Torricino), on a hill facing south on the right of the river Sabato. It enlarges on a surface of 8 hectares of...


  • Trabucchi d'Illasi Wines Veneto

    Winery Farm Bio Quality Wines Amarone Valpolicella Recioto Olive Oil Producer Illasi Verona Veneto Italy

    Illasi Località Monte Tenda +39 0457833233 +39 0456528112

    The Azienda AgricolaTrabucchi winery is located in Val d'Illasi , to the east of Verona, straddling the areas of Valpolicella and Soave. The 21 hectares of vineyard, 4 hectares of olive groves and no less than 400 cypress trees, adorn and safeguard the...


  • Vigne Irpine

    Aglianico, Greco di Tufo, Taurasi, Falanghina, Coda di Volpe, Fiano di Avellino, Taurosae Pink Wine Aglianico Santa Paolina Avellino Campania Italy

    Santa Paolina Taverna della Figura, 58 +39 0825 968682 - Mobile +39 3453183606

    Vigne Irpine is a vineyard and wine company located in the village of Taverna della Figura, part of Santa Paolina township just a few kilometers from the city of Avellino, an area considered the heart of Irpinia. Production and aging take place in a historic...


  • Villa Petriolo Tuscany Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Chianti Cerreto Guidi Siena Tuscany Italy

    Cerreto Guidi +39 0571 55284 +39 0571 55081

    "The considerable appeal of this countryside is given by its varied cultivation [....], by the richness of the products of the olive trees, the mulberry trees, the forests and, markedly, by the excellent quality of the vines that are cultivated here"....


  • Villa Rossi Danielli Viterbo

    Tenuta di Ferento Exclusive Charming Villa Swimming Pool Luxury Accommodation Viterbo Latium Italy

    Viterbo Via Roma, 5 01100 +39 0761 228082 +39 0761 331967

    Ahead of me the green extends as far as the horizon. I have arrived at the Tenuta di Ferento. I can see a lot of different crops: wheat, maize, sugar beet, and what will become a wonderful field of sunflowers in summer. The view is mostly of an immense...


  • Villa Trasqua Tuscany Wines

    Winery Farm Quality Wine Chianti Classic Castellina in Chianti Siena Tuscany Italy

    Castellina in Chianti Località Trasqua +39 0577 743075 +39 0577 743025

    You are very welcome to visit us at Villa Trasqua and see how we produce our highly recommended wines! With all senses you will have a tour through our Vineyards, our Cellar and taste our delicious Wines. Because of a unique geographic position we receive...


  • Villa Vignamaggio Chianti

    Wine Tourism Charming Luxury Accommodation Greve in Chianti Florence Tuscany Italy

    Greve in Chianti Via Petriolo 5 +39 055 854661 +39 055 8544468

    The Villa of Vignamaggio, surrounded by an elegant Italian garden in a stunningly beautiful corner of the Chianti countryside, offers an authentic testimony of countrylife during the Renaissance period. The main part of the villa dates back to the 14th...


  • Zymè Valpolicella Wines

    Winery Farm Olive Oil Producer Corvina Corvinone Rondinella Oseleta Rondinella bianca Golden traminer Kerner Incrocio Manzoni San Pietro in Cariano Verona Veneto Italy

    San Pietro in Cariano (Pedemonte di Valpolicella) Via Cà del Pipa, 1 +39 045 7701108 +39 045 6831477

    Zymè derives from the Greek term for "yeast, ferment." Founded in 2000 as the outgrowth of a preceding brand (vine leaf circumscribed by a pentagon) into a team of consultants, it has now become a full-fledged azienda agricola, or farming estate, with...


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