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  • Acinapura Basilicata Wines

    Now from more of thirty-five years l' Business Acinapura situated in sour of Itself, to a middle height of about 200 mt. contained in manner equidistante, between the landscape of the mountains and the splendid scenery of the sea, it is taken care of...

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Acinapura Basilicata Wines

Winery Farm Quality Wine Aglianico Cabernet Sauvignon Sangiovese Chardonnay Tursi Matera Basilicata Italy


Tursi Contrada Anglona, 5 +390835810035 - +393932580961


Now from more of thirty-five years l' Business Acinapura situated in sour of Itself, to a middle height of about 200 mt. contained in manner equidistante, between the landscape of the mountains and the splendid scenery of the sea, it is taken care of commercialization and production of orchards as well as of production and winemaking of fine grapes.
This solar territory from always courted and in the last years colonizzato from the ancient Greeks, leaves numerous depositions and you but above all the culture of the wine that life allowed to give us to produce of high quality.

The ground middle potentially gravelly mixture is decide and accompanied from the contrast of the breeze of the sea and the splendid air of the mountains creates an optimal zone for the cultivation of the grapes.

From the III - IV millennium a. C. the agro populations-pastoral reunited in familiar clan they were established themselves in the ionico land even if with still primitive means, it is they knew all ready the art of the winemaking.
The thoughtful of mature grapes, it came put in baskets of wicker in which is left to distil.
the must produced resulted strong melted, beyond that clear and very alcoholic. It seems that the excrements of the emigrated birds have strong contributed to the spontaneous birth of the vines on our territory.
The arrival of the enotri in the jonico territory (V-VIII sec. a.C.), it mark the beginning of the mass to systematic cultivation of the lives.
the wine of the enotri it was exporter in the surrounded' main greek of Metaponto, Eraclea, Pandosia, Siris, Sibari and Crotone.
From these location it does not be to exclude that the fine one distilled it was then sent off in greece, epiro, in the islands of the egeo and in the zones of the peninsula anatolica.
The wine production he doesn`t stop with the arrival of the romans, large consumers of wine.
The drink came transported in containers of wood in the town halls and in the colonies of Paestum, Grumentum, Venosa and Pompei across the road
Herculia and the Popilia.
In the medieval age the wine of the basin of gold (anglona) was drunk and appreciated it is in the Norman castles that in the splendid residences of the emperor Federico II.
Around of XIII sec. there it was a decreasing of production until a part of the wine lands came again you assign to pasture after to to be been assigned to
noble families of feudatari.
With the land reform of 1950 all the small landed proprietors to that had been assigned the grounds took again the art of the wine, until today the family Acinapura proprietors of fine vineyards produces, bottles up and sells with growing happened in the italian market and foreign countries the wine of this rich land of story.
The wine of the land of the Enotri.

The Story of an Art. ...»Wines Acinapura»

About forty years it does the family Acinapura began to cultivate the lands of Anglona, it is cultivated of everything however the true love was and is for the vineyard. It is a family of peasants that with it passion for the land exploiting the force
of the arms it succeeded in the time to distinguish itself for the production of products ofhigh quality. All this thanks also how indicated first to the fertility of the lands that. They find themselves to the foots of the Holy solemn one and lonely cathedral of Anglona, the cathedral in the uninhabited situated on the ridge that divides and predominates them
ramparts of the River Sinni and Sour has an ancient story, it is assumed that risen on the it ruins of little Pandosia before the Christian era (Pandosia: the most ancient town pagan of the Siritide than been based on from the ancient tribu' of the Entri within before the year 1000 to. c between l`Agri and the Sinni). to the beginnings of the sixties the Mr. Salvatore Acinapura began to cultivate and to work the small grape tree of lives with a basic bivomere drawn from two oxen that with it their it forces they carried to production the small vineyard of family, grew so a country vineyard tough
and strong and a grapes that yielded a wine quite structures tannic and of body. This zone sin from Pandosia and
also after I live of battles for the conquest of this territory, we remember the battle of Pirro. Against the Roman in 281 to. c and the I plunder of Anglona of the Visigoth of Alarico in 410 d. c.
The family Acinapura today produces wines of high quality, thanks to the grounds that present a physical structure chemistry that allows to give aromas and you perfume to these products, we remember the Red D' Anglona,, the Red Pandosia and the White one Campofreddo, elegant wines that are born from the passion of the brothers Acinapura in collaboration of the enolog Benedetto LoRusso.


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