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Amalfi Coast Overview 2008

While I'm starting to write this editorial, I realise that I am at an important crossroads. I could take the easier road, uniting my voice to that of the others and riding the wave of controversy. I could point the finger at bad information that, without distinguishing between areas of the Campania Region hit by the garbage emergency and other ones that do not suffer this serious problem, has put the Amalfi Coast in a bad light. A thousand articles, reports and comments, underestimating the extraordinary persuasive power of the word, have dashed the decade-long promoting work of local tourist operators.
The second road, indeed, necessarily implies to put on one side the polemic and increase all those elements that make the Amalfi Coast unique and inimitable! Probably, starting from a simple question, "Why should a tourist come to the Amalfi Coast?" we can finally realise the intrinsic potential of this land. The answer to this question is under our eyes everyday: the extreme beauty of the landscape, its ancient history and culture, the oeno-gastronomic specialties, the architectural masterpieces and the popular traditions that bind together the sacred and profane, in perfect harmony.
I strongly support all those cultural events that, set in a fantastic territorial frame, evoke deep emotions and aim to a successful promotion of the art.
I'm referring to some events, such as "Chamber Music on the Amalfi Coast", whose notes echo in the Auditorium and in the gardens of Villa Rufolo in Ravello and in the suggestive Santa Rosa Convent in Conca dei Marini; the first edition of "Ancient Maritime Republics Festival", which will celebrate the glory of Amalfi for about a month, with historic parade, literary meetings, concerts, shows, oeno-gastronomic meetings and an extraordinary edition of the Historical Regatta (the event was to be hosted by Genoa, this year), in order to commemorate the eight centenary of the translation of St. Andrew's remains from Constantinople. "Ravello Festival" which will examine the leitmotiv of this year, "The Diversity", in all its aspects, from the most evident to the most imperceptible ones, for about one hundred and thirty days, with music, dance, cinema, exhibitions and conferences. I'm also referring to all other events, which will go off during the summer on the Amalfi Coast.
These kind of events, harmonious combination between art, culture, history and local traditions, should be the keystone to becoming a destination for elite tourism, made by people who desire to immerse themselves and live in symbiosis with the whirl of emotions that characterises the "Divine Coast". In fact, if someone defined the Amalfi Coast, he will surely have a good reason! Every reason has a different aspect according to the interests that stimulate a hypothetical tourist (and now I'm going back to my initial question) to visit the Amalfi Coast. Let's make the conditions so that every year there will be a new and different reason to be captured and enchanted by the Amalfi Coast! Without getting lost in unnecessary polemics!

Dott. Mariarosaria Pisacane
Amalficoast Web Content Manager

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