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Visit a locality browsing the menu on the left. In each Italy area you can then choose the best touristical structures we are proposing.

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  • Hotel Santa Caterina Amalfi

    Located on the famous AmalfiCoast drive, a few minutes from the famous town of Amalfi, the Santa Caterina enjoys a panoramic coastal setting of incomparable beauty. The history of this special resort is as impressive as its surroundings. In 1880, Giuseppe...

  • Hotel Marina Riviera Amalfi

    Situated on the last bend of Amalfi's promenade and beach, this hotel is on four levels. Bright and Mediterranean in style, the Marina Riviera is a converted old noble villa. All rooms are spacious & tastefully furnished, and have open windows or balconies...

  • Hotel Villa Maria Ravello

    Hotel Villa Maria - Amalfi's Coast - Ravello Owned by the Palumbo family, the Villa Maria Hotel offers to its guest the romantic atmosphere of the enchanting Ravello. It is located in a central position, in the historic center of the town, among Villa...

  • Hotel Punta Tragara Capri

    A path immersed in the colours and scents of abundant Mediterranean flora leads to the viewpoint of PuntaTragara in Capri, the setting for one of the most exclusive hotels in the world. Hotel PuntaTragara reigns over the most dramatically beautiful scenery,...

  • Borgo Santandrea

    A haven of serenity on the Amalfi Coast Overlooking the enchanting, centuries-old fishing village of Conca dei Marini, Borgo Santandrea is a serene haven situated in the heart of the Amalfi Coast. Nestled 90 meters above sea level, our resort-style hotel...

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Ravello Festival 2009

  • avello Festival 2009 - Locali d'Autore

  • Calendario_ravello_2009.pdf

Courage is the mirror image of fear. Fear of the enemy, of diversity, of what is difficult ,complex, unknown: courage is needed to defeat the enemy, to accept diversity, to tame what is difficult, unravel what is complex, decipher what is unknown.
Like fear, courage is a feeling which is bound up with the time and place in which it manifests itself. The courage needed to go beyond the Columns of Hercules was undoubtedly different to the courage it took to pursue the Holy Grail, to stand up to the Inquisition, to treat lepers, to climb mountains, to set foot on the moon. "Witches -Voltaire remarked - ceased to exist when we stopped putting them to death".
Many of the tasks which once required courage have now, thanks to technology, descended from the realm of heroism to that of everyday routine: the sacrifice of the "little revenge of the Lombards" has been superseded by radar, that of Icarus by supersonic airliners; it would only take a cell phone to calm all Penelope's anxiety, or indeed alert the whole of the rearguard drawn up at Waterloo.
The bold, exuberant courage demonstrated by the high wire artiste is very different from the dogged courage needed by a widow; the years of courage essential to the spy is different again from the momentary courage of the bag snatcher.
To get the better of wiliness you need a subtle sort of courage; to contrast arrogance takes an inflexible sort; to educate ignorance you need the courage of a missionary; to follow the leader requires the courage of devotion; to neutralise the trivial you have to have a high-minded courage; to overcome bureaucracy the courage has to be ironic; to maintain democracy requires an organized courage; to take no notice of offence you need a magnanimous courage; while to sacrifice yourself for a cause takes a neurotic sort of courage. Courage is the stuff of men's achievements and lives: necessary for Giordano Bruno to face death at the stake; necessary for the gladiator to dispatch his opponent; necessary for the saint to bear witness to his faith; necessary for the scientist to confute established doctrine; necessary for the astronaut to defy the law of gravity; necessary for the manager to take a decision; necessary for the gambler to reveal his hand. It takes courage to tackle courage.

For more information about the definitive program of the Ravello Festival 2009, please see the attached file

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