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  • Villa Schinosa Apulia Wines

    The history of this farm is ancient and modern at the same time. It's the history of the renovation of a settled profession implemented by people who, acting resolutely with tenacity and a touch of craziness, accepted the challenge to make up tradition...

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Villa Schinosa Apulia Wines

Winery Farm Quality Wines Trani Bari Apulia Italy


Trani S.P. Trani Corato, 178 +39 0883.58 06 12 +39 0883 88 03 09


The history of this farm is ancient and modern at the same time. It's the history of the renovation of a settled profession implemented by people who, acting resolutely with tenacity and a touch of craziness, accepted the challenge to make up tradition and innovation, thanks to the willpower and to the farsightedness of trusting in their own work.

The farm Villa Schinosa, sized 200 hectares, is located in the neighbours of Trani. Visitors perceive this fascinating structure at the end of a oak path. Recently vineyards have been renewed. The ancient cellar built in 1884, bored into the Stone of Trani, has been renovated introducing production facilities that place the farm in the forefront of wine-making industry. A similar process involved the business management improving final results.

The owner, Don Ferdinando Capece Minutolo dei Duchi di San Valentino, supported by his son Corrado, runs the production, while his wife Maria holds business relations.
Centuries-old and modern mono-cone olive groves, placed side by side to optimize the quality of the "extra virgin" olive oil, as well as cherries and almonds trees, biological certified, encircle the ancient family residence "Masseria", lovely above all when the bouganvillea is in full blooming.

Ferdinando and Corrado Capece Minutolo, together they monitor and choose all the phases of production and transformation of the product, choosing and winemaking exclusively their own grapes, followed from the field until the bottle, while for the wine route, they take advanyage of the consultancy of the wine expert Cristoforo Pastore. The proximity of the vineyards to the wine establishment it allows the immediate making of the grapes without times of wait that would damage the integrity. Often the vintage happens also in the evening so that the grapes do not suffer traumas from too high temperatures that in this way are constantly monitored. The winemaking happens with vacuum-packed crowds to better preserve the perfumes of the grapes.
Vineyards themselves narrate in detail this new and exciting quality wine-making job.
The assortment of wines bored from the vineyard, 60 hectares wide espalier planted, is the evidence of the strong wine vocation in this land.
Native species of grapevine such as Moscato Reale di Trani (Trani's Royal Muscadet), Bombino Nero (Black Bombino), Bombino Bianco (White Bombino) and uva di Troia (Troy Grapes) take place side by side to grapevines with strong personality such as Fiano, Falanghina, Aglianico and Primitivo without ignoring international grapevines such as Chardonnay, Merlot and Syrah.
Fiano, main point and well known grapevine in Puglia since the Imperial Rome, is surely in a position to produce wines of complexity and structure that agrees deep and durable evolution, provided the wine-making process is performed without doing oenological acrobatics but, inside out, being careful to the grapevine's characteristic as well as to the land's ones.
Falanghina, this surprising and extraordinary grapevine marks a new supremacy between the high quality White Wines of the South-East Coast. This grapevine founds into the Schinosa farm a perfect land and the right micro-climate to express the best of its features: Exciting example of modern drinking.
Aglianico is a grapevine of ancient growing into the Southern Italy and in Puglia was cultivated into the oldies vineyards: This prestigious grapevine covers a relevant place into the regional high quality oenology.
Uva di Troia (Troy Grapes) is the oldest and the most characteristic red grapevine between the native species in the middle north of our region. Takes place of origin in Asia Minor, Troy, and has been planted in Puglia during the Hellenic colonization.
Such variety, applied to the highest level of oenologist technologies, actually become able to be compared to the best national and international wine productions.

The Villa Schinosa wines are surely one of the most attractive surprises of the last years: the Moscato di Trani doc became important between the national wines thanks to the intuition of Ferdinando Capece Minutolo that strongly believed in the best native grape of Trani, giving again a body and a life to its story going against a local beliving that was going to loose it. Villa Schinosa, in terms of quantity and quality, didn't played yet all of his cards because the capacity of these grounds ( in a position to give a lot to who will have the patience to treat them) reserves still a lot of surprises. Other labels will be soon marketed with the engagement to propose other jewels besides the Moscato di Trani. The "Renaissance" of the southern wine sees the Puglia as protagonist leaving space to high quality native grapes and to extraordinary wines.


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