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Located on the banks of the Sesia river, Vercelli was founded by the Ligurians, a Celtic tribe; during the Roman period the ancient Vercellae became a municipium.
Piazza Cavour and the Basilica of Sant'Anddrea and the Cathedral of Sant'Eusebio are the architectonic jewels of the historic centre of the city. The Basilica of Sant'Andrea, built between 1219 and 1227, is one of the Italian architectonic works closest in spirit and form to the French gothic style. The Cathedral of Sant'Eusebio, built as a cemetery Basilica, has been altered numerous times over the centuries.
Casa Alciati, an ancient Vercelli noble home built at the beginning of the 16th century and embellished with frescos of grotesquerie inspired by classical mythology and with trompe l'oeil perspectives, it houses the Museo Leone which conserves historical-archeological collections and an important selection of decorative art.
Finally the Museo Borgogna, the most important and rich pinacotheca of the Piedmont, after the Sabauda Gallery in Turin.


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