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Melendugno is an enchanting touristic resort situated on the Salento coast and boasts an important artistic heritage, for the presence of megalith buildings and dolmen (Placa and Gurgulante) of the Neolithic Ages. In the sea cavern called Poesia Piccola (small piece of poetry), instead, evidence traces of the Messapi civilization (an antique Italic population) and a series of Greek and Latin inscriptions. Of architectural interest is the old city centre, rich of houses with courtyards and underground mills ("tappiti"), to preserve the integrity and freshness of the olive oil production.

The centre also features a series of Trulli houses ("furnieddhi"), the Baron D'Amelji's palace, a star shape building that preserves wonderful halls with frescos, the Castle Petraroli ('400), the Norman Abbey of San Niceta, where the Basilian monks settled in the XII century, the Church di Maria SS. Dell'Assunta, built in '500 with Baroque details and a richly engraved wooden major altar.


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