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ANDRANO is a small town, of approximate 5000 inhabitants, situated on a 2 km beach area between Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca. Towards inland, near to the main centre, there is an area of the town that is part of the national Park of Otranto and Santa Maria di Leuca, a protected environment, rich of species of plants and wildlife.

The town is located at 51 km from the main city centre of the Province. The original name was Andreano and derives from the name Sant'Andrea Apostolo, the patron saint of the town. The Saint is the guardian of the fishermen and evidence traces that the ancient inhabitants had fishing traditions, but had to move inland because of the continuous invasions of the Saracens.

The Castle Spinola-Caracciolo is the summary of the town's history. The actual building is the was a mansion that in 1300 became a fortified manor farm and a tower. In the XV and XVI centuries it was enlarged into a castle with a moat and in 1662, once it had no military purposes, it became a Lord's palace.

Not to miss: the "Lungomare della Agavi", a promenade which links together the most important beaches of the town: "Botta" and "Grotta verde".


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